The analysis plugin of the contact center calls.
The software is measuring agent's efficiency.




The plugin is connected to any cloud or on-premises telecommunications platform of a contact center (VoIP, CRM, etc.). Interface setup under the requirements. Main benefits:

- Identifying the client calls with a high RI for further work with these clients (an office meeting, sales, offer new products and services, etc.).
- Database analysis of the recorded calls of the call center for any period with the ranking of employees (operators) on an average RI (per day, week, month and all time).
- Monitoring of the conversations in the contact center, identifying in-line calls from RI below a specified threshold value.
- Identification of the employees (operators) with low RI for the current day (bad mood, fatigue, disinterest in work with customers).
- Revealing of those employees (operators) who need to complete training.