The analysis plugin of the contact center calls.
The software is measuring agent's efficiency.




Rapport (the word stems from the old French verb rapporter which means literally to carry something back; and, in the sense of how people relate to each other means that what one person sends out the other sends back) is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well.

RI (Rapport Index)


The analysis plugin of the contact center calls works with the phone records. The plugin determines the RI (Rapport Index) and measures agent efficiency. RI is the most important parameter of the non-verbal communication between the call centre operator and the customer. RI is determined from 0% to 100% and is the total integrated parameter. The analysis defines the characteristics of speech (tempo, pauses, intonation, strength), which are the source data for the calculation of the RI, measuring agent's efficiency.

RI directly correlated with such indicators as:

- The Customer Satisfaction Degree (CSD) with quality of service.
- The Customer Level of Involvement (CLI). Degree of intensity of interest that a buyer shows for a certain product or service in a purchase decision.
- The level of training of an employee (operator) of a call center.